my second year

isobel julia sharp - Day 1

Running in the garden
10th June 2008

isobel julia sharp - I look like who?!

In Sardinia with mummy & daddy
11th July 2008

isobel julia sharp - Is it still behind me?

Reading in my tent
21st July 2008

isobel julia sharp - Toys for me?

On the slide with mummy
28th July 2008

Very clever girl!

Through the door at Jane & Steves
9th August 2008


I found a new bin!
10th August 2007

isobel julia sharp - Keep your dress down dear!

I want to be a rock star!
17th August 2008

bread stick

Bread stick contemplation
27th August 2008


I love my ducky
27th August 2008

new tv

Very pleased with the new TV
1st September 2008

isobel julia sharp - Today I was cute...

13th September 2008

isobel julia sharp - This looks nice...

Halloween Pumpkin
1st November 2008

isobel julia sharp - Very pretty girl

It's Christmas!
25th December 2008


Out with my new wheels...
26th December 2008

isobel julia sharp - Jazz hands

Very smart for the new year
1st January 2009

isobel julia sharp - Today I discovered chocolate!

Looking for beasts at the zoo!
4th January 2009


My new hat
31st January 2009


Fine! I'm leaving...
15th February 2009

2ns birthday

It's my birthday!
16th March 2009